Strength: Front Squat

week 1 day 2

2 reps @ 70% = 145 lbs.

2 reps @ 75% = 155 lbs.

6 reps @ 80% = 165 lbs.

6 reps @ 80% = 165 lbs.

HERO WOD: Hansen

Like all HERO WODs, this completely sucked. I didn’t even go RX on this one, mostly because I’m only five feet tall and swinging a 53 lb. kettle bell around is pretty dangerous for me. I can only get about ten reps before I start losing control, and one time I almost dropped the thing on my head which would have very very bad. Since I was alone when doing this workout I used the 44 lbs. instead. I guess I should just start swinging that one even when it’s supposed to be 35 lbs. if I ever want to get used to the 53 lbs. one. Anyways, only did 3 rounds because I was pressed for time. I literally had 30 minutes to eat, shower, and get dressed for work by the time I got home. I’m guestimating it would have taken me close to 48 minutes to finish the WOD.