Call me Anna. I'm a five foot tall twenty year old crossfitter and future crossfit coach.

One last thing:

I’m officially registered to attend and take the test to get my level 1 certification on May 31st! I’m sooooo freaking excited!!!

WOD 04/15/2014

My rep max on snatch is 105 lbs. but for some reason I just wasn’t feeling it yesterday. Only made it to 95 lbs. Haven’t been going regularly though, so I’m sure that had a lot to do with it. Anyhoo. Felt good about the other workout, the first half I did kipping pullups, the last half I did butterfly pullups. At one point I managed 5 in a row, a new record for me. Yay! And for some reason that wasn’t punishment enough so I did another workout:

Ascending Ladder 1 - 10 of:

Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (55# women) / Hand Release Pushup with 10 Double Unders at the start of each round.

I finished strong at 8:18.

So yeah, lots of crappy pictures from our mud run this weekend in Columbia, SC. Man it was really fun but I did get tore up pretty bad from the ropes and stuff. Anyways, note how beautiful and pristine my white shirt is at the beginning. HAH. The second photo is far from glamorous but I was swinging over a huge mud pit. Did it with my eyes closed and magically made it across. Did a victory dance afterwards too. Secretly though, I would have loved to have fallen in the mud. It got pretty fun to get muddy. Also, never realized how many different consistencies of mud you can get.

WOD 04/11/2014

Sorry for the blurry photos, kind of hard to take a decent photo when your hands are all shaky and stuff.

But yeah, pretty explanatory. Was hoping to get it under twenty minutes, and well, I get really really close. I am not a runner, keep that in mind, haha. But I didn’t stop for any of the run so I was happy with that.

Hi guys! Long time no see! Been working…a lot. I have been working out I just haven’t posted any of them in a looooong time.

WOD 04-08-2014

Strength: Back Squat **took five pounds off my original weights

6 @ 75% = 185lbs.

6 @ 70% = 195lbs.

4 @ 85% = 210lbs.

3 @ 90% = 220lbs.

2 @ 95% = 235lbs. (bailed on the second squat)

6 @ 75% = 185lbs.

Work out of the Day: 12 min AMRAP Weights: (50 / 35)

1 min - Double Unders / 1 min - Dumbbell Snatches

2 mins - Double Unders / 2 mins - Dumbbell Snatches

3 mins - Double Unders / 3 mins - Dumbbell Snatches

On the double unders I ended up with 64, 71, and 83

On the Dumbbell Snatches (I did 35 lbs.), 16, 20, 27

WOD 03-19-2014

20 minute EMOM

3 reps of Full Snatch starting @ 65% of 1 rep max

Now when I say ‘snatch’ I mean a full on squat snatch. My coach is very much into the power lifting and olympic style weightlifting so the terminology is slightly different. “Clean” means a ‘squat clean’ and “Snatch” means ‘squat snatch’ unless otherwise stated to be a: power clean, power clean from high hang, power snatch, power snatch from high hang, etc.

I know it’s a little confusing, I see elite athletes like Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet specifying that she did ‘squat cleans’ or ‘squat snatches’ so I figure the majority of crossfitters go by that terminology as well.

Anyhoo, started at 70lbs., when I was supposed to start at 65 lbs. I only went up to 85 lbs. (1 rep max is 105) mostly because I haven’t worked on snatches in almost a month and wanted to focus on getting the technique and movement down. After this workout my friends peer pressured me into trying to max out at 110 lbs. since I was still ‘warm’. I wasn’t feeling it, my left shoulder blade has some sort of nerve issue going on and my right hip flexor was really tight. I couldn’t even lift that bar to my hips. Oh well. Another day when I’m not feeling cruddy, haha.

On a side note, my form was so good (for the most part) that coach used me as an example for several people in class today and even had me coach a few afterwards. It was a fun and rewarding experience.

So yeah, three years of crossfit can transform your body, and confidence. Never took gym ‘selfies’ when I first started. Now I want people to see my muscles! Also, went from 110 lbs. to 135 lbs. :D

Crossfit Open 2014 Scores so Far

WOD 14.1 - 199 reps

WOD 14.2 - 32 reps

WOD 14.3 - 112 reps

Look me up! Athlete name: Ariana Baker

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